The possibilities for "creating and making" in GCAD will be virtually endless. The 3,200-square-foot, first-floor makerspace includes a fully equipped woodworking studio and metalworking workshop, along with a wide range of digital fabrication equipment.


Main Level

On GCAD’s main level, students and faculty have access to 3,200 square feet of main-level makerspace equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills for metal and wood, CNC router for metal and plastics, precision CNC water-jet cutter, vinyl cutter, color printers, welding bays, and a full array of hand and power tools. 
GCAD Floor Plan Main Level

Print Room
The print room contains a wide variety of digital fabrication equipment.

Multi-Purpose Workshop
The Multi-Purpose Workshop provides bench space for the assembly of projects and for low-resolution prototyping.  In addition to hand tools and hand-held power tools, a wide variety of fasteners, adhesives, and sanding abrasives are available. Formal training is required to use the hand-held power tools.

Machine Shop
If you need to cut, bend, weld, or fabricate a metal part, the Machine Shop has tools and equipment to get the job done. Two Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Mills provide the ability to fabricate precision metal parts and create printed circuit boards. GCAD is one of the few independent school makerspaces (if not the only one) to include a precision CNC abrasive, waterjet cutting machine. Formal training is required to use the equipment in the Machine Shop.

Wood Shop
The Wood Shop is fully equipped with the tools and machinery necessary for the fabrication of wood, plywood, and plastics. Traditional woodworking equipment allows for lumber-in-the-rough to be dimensioned to finished parts. Bent laminations and veneering techniques can be accomplished using the vacuum bag press.  A large 8'x 4' CNC router automates the fabrication process while providing the ability to create large-format, 3-dimensional carving. Formal training is required to use the equipment in the Wood Shop.

Upper Level

GCAD’s 2,200-square-foot ideation space on the second floor can be divided into four separate rooms as needed, each with a TV monitor. A digital classroom, equipped with 14 new MacBook Pros, supports our campus photographers and graphic designers.
GCAD Floor Plan Upper Level

Lower Level

With six work stations, dedicated 3D printers, and a virtual reality system, GCAD’s lower level is home to serious play and competitive aspirations.
GCAD Floor Plan Lower Level